Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. Named after Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed, the longest-serving Vice Chancellor and Rector of Aligarh Muslim University, Ziauddin University is one of Pakistan’s most distinguished private universities and is accredited by the country’s Higher Education Commission.

There are 4,841 students enrolled at the university, with the vast majority studying at the undergraduate level and a very small number of overseas students. There are a total of 559 faculty and employees supporting the college, most of whom are from the United States. Ziauddin University is a private university in Karachi that offers generous scholarship opportunities to its students and is ranked between #501 and #550 in the upcoming 2023 Asian University Rankings.

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. Ziauddin University’s online registration, fee structure, eligibility criteria, merit list, entry test, prospectus, Entry Test schedule, scholarship, faculty, ranking, prospectus, hostel, and Courses programs will be updated regularly on this website. Please submit your payment using the requisite challan form.

Ziauddin University Result 2023 Merit List pdf

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. When it comes to pursuing a career in medicine, Ziauddin University (ZU) is one of the best options available to prospective students because it is a private, degree-granting university. Ziauddin University requires applicants to have at least an A- or 70% in Intermediate Science.

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission Last Date 2023

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. Beginning on July 1, 2023, interested parties can obtain a copy of the prospectus and an application through the University’s admissions staff. Students at Ziauddin University can choose from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed to help them achieve their goals of becoming licensed physicians. Local students can purchase a prospectus at 2,000 rupees, while international students will need to shell out $100.

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Ziauddin University Postgraduate Admissions 2023 Online

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. Application forms for Ziauddin University can be submitted online. Admissions officers like to see applications submitted online. The online application for admission just takes a few seconds to complete. The registration cost must be paid by the due dates. Ziauddin University Karachi accepts payments for tuition at specific bank locations.

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online

About Ziauddin University Information

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. Ziauddin University’s school of nursing was established in 1986 by the Ziauddin Group. Dr. Ziauddin Postgraduate Institute of Health Sciences was founded in 1994. Ziauddin Medical University established a clinic in the surrounding neighbourhood the next year. The school officially became known as Ziauddin University in 2005.

Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad was an Indian mathematician, philosopher, and political figure, and the university was established in his honour. His goal was to improve schooling for Muslims all around Pakistan.

Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh in southern Pakistan, is home to the institution.

Health sciences, law, liberal arts and human sciences, eastern medicine and natural sciences, engineering science technology and management, pharmacy, nursing and midwifery, and engineering science technology and management are the seven academic faculties at the institution. Within each faculty are a variety of departments that provide education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

An annual international conference has been held at the university since 2016. Problems in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries were the main topic of this year’s conference. In the aftermath of the success of Covid-19, the college of arts and humanities will host the first worldwide multidisciplinary virtual conference in 2020 with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity: synergies and difficulties.

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Tuition fee and scholarships Ziadaudin

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online Apply from Our Website. Ziauddin University’s tuition table provides a rough estimate, however students should keep in mind that these fees are only estimates and do not account for additional expenses such as housing, books, and food. Tuition for domestic and international students may vary widely. Only the official university website should be relied upon for up-to-date information.

Course/Program Cost (PKR)
Medical Doctor (MBBS) 1,800,000 PKR
Dentist (DDS) 1,200,000 PKR
Pharmacist (Pharmacy) 800,000 PKR
Physical Therapist (PT) 600,000 PKR
Registered Nurse (RN) 400,000 PKR
Medical Technologist (MT) 400,000 PKR
Public Health (MT) 400,000 PKR
Computer Scientist (CS) 400,000 PKR
Business Not specified

Bachelors Level Program at ZUK 2023

Course/Program Title Time Commitment Cost Breakdown
Occupational Therapist Ph.D. 5 years Not specified
Bachelor of Architecture 4 years 107,500 PKR
Occupational Therapists with Advanced Degrees 1 year 106,000 PKR
Fast-Track PT Doctorates 1 year 50,000 PKR
A.B.S. in AUDIOLOGY and SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPY Years Months Six Not specified
MBBS graduates 5 years Not specified
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology 4 years 114,000 PKR
Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Bachelor’s 4 years 90,000 PKR
BS Evolution and Social Transformation 4 years 121,000 PKR
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 4 years 90,000 PKR
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) 5 years Not specified
BAs in Speech-Language Pathology 4 years 151,855 PKR
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 5 years 50,000 PKR
A.S. in Ultrasonography 2 years 190,000 PKR
Doctoral Degrees in Medical Science and Tech. 4 years Not specified
Bachelor of Education (Honours) 1.5 years 90,090 PKR
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4 years Not specified
Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2 years Not specified
BS Food Technology and Science 4 years 50,000 PKR
Civil Technology 4 years $62,000 USD
B.S. in Electrical Technology 4 years 20,000 PKR
BS in Civil Engineering 4 years 27,000 PKR
BBA An Undergraduate Degree in Business 4 years 128,500 PKR
Digital Advertising 4 years 73,000 PKR
Software Design Science (5000-Level) 4 years Not specified
Data Science for Beginners (Level 71000) 4 years 71,000 PKR
B.S. in Clinical Psychology 4 years 79,000 PKR
Eastern Medicine and Surgery 4 years 100,000 PKR
Bachelor of Elementary Education (Honours) 4 years 30,000 PKR
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education (Honours) 4 years 25,000 PKR
BS Sports Medicine and Health Research 4 years 30,000 PKR
BS in Physics 4 years 100,000 PKR
LLB 5 years 73,000 PKR
Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media 4 years 150,000 PKR
Veterinary Medical Doctors 5 years 50,000 PKR
BS French 4 years 90,000 PKR

Masters Level Program at ZUK 2023

Course/Program Title Time Commitment Cost Breakdown
Doctorate in Applied Psychology 2 years Not specified
MS in Speech and Language Pathology 2 years 80,000 PKR
ME Engineers in the Medical Field 2 years 360,000 PKR
General Surgical Procedures (F.C.P.S.) 2 years 70,000 PKR
Chemical Pathology (FCPS) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Microbiology (FCPS) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Gastroenterology (FCPS) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Radiology (FCPS) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Master of Science in Nursing 2 years 95,000 PKR
Nephrology (FCPS) 2 years 120,000 PKR
Paediatric FCPS Cases 2 years 95,000 PKR
Doctors of Medicine in Clinical Sciences 2 years 95,000 PKR
MS ENT 2 years 50,000 PKR
MS in Gynaecology and Obstetrics 2 years 95,000 PKR
Ophthalmology (Master’s) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (BS) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Clinical Pathology (MCPS) 2 years 95,000 PKR
Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering 2 years 95,000 PKR
Master’s Degrees in Healthcare Administration 2 years 70,000 PKR
Not specified Not specified 50,000 PKR

Ziauddin University Karachi Programs

Online applications are accepted for a wide variety of programs, including medical school (MBBS), graduate study in philosophy (M.Phil., Ph.D.), clinical study (MD, MS), diploma study (B.D.S., Pharm-D, BScN, BSc Media Sciences, BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Speech-Language Pathology, B.Sc. Medical Technology, M.Sc. Medical Technology), and numerous other fields of study.

Ziauddin University Check Fee Structure 2023

Ziauddin University Karachi Admissions 2023 information including application deadline, online application process, and more may be found at the link provided. You must take the entrance exam if you want to apply for a spot in the disabled quota, a self-financing quota, or an open merit quota.

Ziauddin University Karachi Contact Number/Adress

Phone Number +92 21 35862937-9
Email info@zu.edu.pk
Website www.zu.edu.pk
Clifton Clifton Karachi,
4/B Shahrah-e-Ghalib,
Block 6.
Election Result PP 209 Khanewal in

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  •  What are the admissions requirements?

You must meet Ziauddin University Karachi’s application and academic requirements in order to get entry in the year 2023. The most up-to-date information on entrance requirements can be found on their website.

  • Can you tell me the online application procedure for Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023?

In 2023, applications will be accepted online only through Ziauddin University’s website. Before submitting an application, double-check that you have gathered all the necessary materials.

  • In 2023, what majors and minors will Ziauddin University Karachi be accepting students for?

The academic offerings at Ziauddin University Karachi include many disciplines. On their official website, you may learn specifics regarding each program, such as eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

  • To be considered for Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023, when is the last day to submit an online application?

Deadlines for applying to a program or taking a specific course may change throughout the year. For up-to-date information on application requirements, please visit the college’s website or get in touch with the admissions office.

  •  Are there any Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 Online scholarships or other forms of financial help to which I might apply?

Scholarships and other forms of financial aid may be available to qualified students at Ziauddin University. To find out more about the university’s financial aid programs and how to apply, visit their website or contact them directly.

  • Is online registration available for Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 from outside of Pakistan?

International students are a common sight at Ziauddin University. Prospective international students should visit the university’s website to learn more about its admissions process for international students.

  • When can I expect to hear back from Ziauddin University Karachi regarding my application for admission for the 2023 school year?

The time it takes for an application to be reviewed and for an applicant to hear back about whether or not they were accepted varies. For up-to-date information and crucial dates, see the university’s main website.

  • Is Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2023 available through a web form?

The admissions process at Ziauddin University can be completed entirely online. To submit an application, visit the portal on their main website.

  • For more information about applying to Ziauddin University Karachi in 2023, where can I find the admissions office?

You can reach out to the Ziauddin University Karachi admissions office using the details listed on their website if you have any questions or need any help with your application.

  • Is there a test to get into Ziauddin University Karachi for the upcoming year of 2023?

Exams or other forms of evaluation may be necessary for admission to some Ziauddin University degree programs. Determine if there are any prerequisite tests for your intended program of study.



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