Turkey Scholarship 2024 Online Application Last Date

The Turkish government sponsors the competitive Turkey Scholarships program, which aims to attract distinguished researchers and students from abroad to study at the country’s most prestigious universities. In addition to offering financial aid, housing, health insurance, and tuition reimbursement, the program guarantees scholars a place at university as well as their academic, social, and cultural integration. Turkey scholarship 2024 deadline is February 20. Candidates from all countries are welcome for the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs, which aim to promote international cooperation and intercultural understanding. Application deadlines for additional scholarship programs, such as research scholarships and others, are indicated on our website at eduresultpk.com.

Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025

Turkey has given a great gift in the form of scholarships to meritorious students to prevent today’s rising inflation from hindering the pursuit of higher education. The Turkey Bursary Scholarship for the 2024-2025 academic year stands as a beacon of opportunity for international students to further their education. This comprehensive scholarship program not only covers tuition fees, but also includes accommodation, health insurance, and travel expenses, as well as a monthly stipend to support living expenses. As an initiative aimed at promoting cultural exchange and academic excellence, it attracts talented individuals from all corners of the world. Candidates are advised to carefully prepare their applications, highlighting their academic achievements and potential contributions to their chosen fields.

Turkey Scholarship 2024 Application Form

Title Turkey Scholarship
Year 2024
Last Date 20 February 2024
Application Form Download Here
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Turkey Scholarship 2024 Online Application Last Date

Turkey Scholarship 2024 deadline

The Turkey Scholarship 2024 deadline is fast approaching, the last date for submitting applications is February 20, 2024. This is a remarkable golden opportunity for students from all over the world to apply for an educational program that can make a lasting impact on their academic and professional journey. Make the most of this opportunity and brighten your future.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2024 Requirements

To be considered for the Türkiye Burslari Scholarship in 2024, candidates must meet various requirements:

  • Applicants must not be citizens of Turkey and should not be currently enrolled in Turkish universities at the level of study they are applying for.
  • Prospective undergraduate students must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, with a minimum academic achievement of 70%.
  • For master’s degree applications, candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a minimum academic achievement of 75%.
  • Doctoral programs require a master’s degree or its equivalent with a minimum academic assessment of 75%.
  • Age criteria stipulate that candidates for undergraduate programs be under the age of 21, for master’s programs under the age of 30, and for doctoral programs under the age of 35.
  • Applicants must have a motivation and a clear intention for choosing Turkey for higher education.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Universities List

The Türkiye Scholarships program offers a range of prestigious universities for international students. Here is a partial list of institutions that may participate in the program:

  • Ankara University
  • Bogazici University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Hacettepe University
  • Bilkent University
  • Cukurova University
  • Erciyes University
  • Gazi University
  • Istanbul University

How To Apply Online Turkey Scholarship 2024?

To apply for the Turkey Scholarship in 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Turkey Scholarship website.
  2. Create an account with your personal details.
  3. Log in to the portal and select the ‘Application’ tab.
  4. Choose the level of study you wish to apply for (undergraduate, graduate, PhD, or research).
  5. Fill in the application form with accurate academic, personal, and contact information.
  6. Upload all required documentation, including academic transcripts, identification documents, language proficiency test results, and a personal statement.
  7. Review your application thoroughly to ensure all information is correct.
  8. Submit the application before the closing date.
  9. Keep an eye on your email and the application portal for any updates or interview requests.

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