Shah Abdul Latif Khairpur University Admission 2023 Last Date Online

Shah Abdul Latif Khairpur University Admission 2023 Last Date Online check from our website. The undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as certificates and short courses, at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur are presently taking applications for the upcoming academic year (2023). The institution, which can be found in Khairpur, Upper Sindh, has a long history and provides students with numerous educational options.Dates, online registration, fees, fee breakdowns, merit lists, entry test schedules, scholarships, professors, rankings, and degree programs are all included in this article for those who wish to apply based on the entry tests.

The admissions procedure, including important dates and information about the entry test, is detailed, and application forms can be purchased for a cost. Students come from all over Pakistan to study at this university because of the wide variety of disciplines it offers. The email, phone number, and street address of the school are also listed for those who might have questions. The pre-entry exam is set for November 26, 2023, and the next school year will begin on January 16, 2023; the online application deadline is November 6, 2023.

Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Admission 2023 Last Date Online

Admission to the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur (2023) is currently being accepted, and students who are interested in applying for SALU Khairpur Admission 2023 can pick up an application on campus up until the application deadline in November 2023. First, we’ll introduce the school itself, since the famous Shah Abdul Latif University of Khairpur is located in Sindh, on the fringes of Upper Sindh.

Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Admission 2023 Online

The SALU University of Shah Abdul Latif is a prestigious institution. Location: Khairpur, smack dab in the middle of Upper Sindh. Applicants to the M.S. and Ph. Phil. programs must have a BS/BBS/B.Com (four-year degree) from Shah Abdullatif University Khairpur or an equivalent qualification from another university recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan in order to be considered. Test affirmations are permitted if they are consistent with the section.

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Shah Abdul Latif University Law Department 2023 pdf

Shah Abdul Latif Khairpur University Admission 2023 Last Date Online check from our website. Forms for applying for admission and a prospectus can be obtained from a specified bank for a fee of Rs. 1000/-. Here you may get a sample paper for the online admissions test at Shah Abdul Latif University, KhairPur.

Located in rural Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan, Shah Abdul Latif University (or SALU for short) is a public research institution. Shah Abdul Latif Bhattarai, a mystic poet and spiritualist, was thus chosen as the namesake for the school. Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan is also home to a University of Sindh educational facility.

Established in 1976 with a single campus, the University has grown in both reputation and scale by creating a robust and open system of higher education in northern Sindh. As a result, the school provides education at all levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Humanities, archaeology, Sindh studies, and other social and natural scientific study is supported by the university’s distinguished faculty of international researchers.

Apply Now: Government of Sindh Jobs at Shah Abdul Latif University, Salu Khairpur, 2023 It’s great to have you here at This webpage has all the details you need to apply for this position. So, if you’re looking for a job in Pakistan, check out “” for the most up-to-date listings from newspapers like Jang, Dawn, Express, Kaush, Nawa-e-Waqt, Dunya News, Nation, The News, Nai Baat, and Mashriq. Scholarships at the national and international levels.

Shah Abdul Latif University Fee Structure 2023

Shah Abdul Latif Khairpur University Admission 2023 Last Date Online check from our website. The majority of the details discussed apply to typical schooling. Distance learning and online degree programs are available at several universities and schools. Information on these degree programs and courses can be found here. It is also important to include details regarding private exam-based degree programs and course offerings. You can find details about these courses and the exams they prepare you for under the Assessment section.

This pricing plan is for in-state students only. Different tuition rates apply to students from other countries, to citizens of Pakistan, to Pakistanis with dual citizenship, and to international students. The University’s Admissions office is the best place to find out about the tuition and fees associated with studying abroad.

SALU Admission Eligibility Criteria 2023 Check

High School Equivalency (HSSC) diploma from an accredited institution is required.

  • No criminal history can be found.
  • No upper age limit is set.
  • HEC administers an entrance exam for prospective law students.

SALU Application Form Download Online 2023

Apply now for graduate or undergraduate study at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, for the academic year 2023. Until November 2023, prospective students can get admissions packets directly from the University. The application deadline is November 06, 2023. After that date, the University’s admissions office will only accept completed applications.

How to Apply for SALU Admission 2023

Applying to Shah Abdul Latif University, Khair Pur is a quick and easy process that may be started right away. See below for the alma mater’s official advertisement; visit for admissions details such as requirements, online application instructions, and contact details.

Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Admission 2023 Last Date Online

Shah Abdul Latif Khairpur University Admission 2023 Last Date Online
Shah Abdul Latif Khairpur University Admission 2023 Last Date Online

Shah Abdul Latif Admission Portal 2023

The Shah Abdul Latif Admission Portal connects 2023 applicants with the university, which offers a wide range of academic programs. The application process has been modernized to be more efficient and user-friendly on this platform. Important data like application deadlines, information on required exams, and available courses are all at your fingertips.
The Shah Abdul Latif Admission Portal ensures a smooth and problem-free application procedure with its user-friendly features and constantly updated materials. Don’t miss out on your chance to start your academic career at this prestigious university. If you want to attend Shah Abdul Latif University in 2023, you should get started with the site right away.

Shah Abdul Latif Admission Last Date 2023 Check

Those hoping to enroll at the prestigious Shah Abdul Latif University in 2023 must act quickly to meet the admissions deadline. It is the last day that prospective students can submit their applications and fulfill any further admissions requirements. Prospective students must be alert and informed about this important date if they hope to begin their academic career at Shah Abdul Latif University.

Individuals can ensure their future at this prestigious institution and put themselves on the path to academic achievement by verifying the Shah Abdul Latif Admission Last Date for 2023 early on and submitting all application papers on time. Don’t forget this day; it’s crucial to your future success in school and in your career. Last Date for submission of admission form is October 21 2023.

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Shah Abdul Latif University MS Admissions 2023

LLMDegree in International Studies Bachelor of Science in Archaeology
MA in Islamic Studies Science in Biochemistry
MSMA in Media Studies Master of Science in Botany
Grade Seven Math Master’s in Business Administration
Microbiology, Master of Science Chemists Using the MS Method
A Master’s Degree in Pakistani Studies MS Merchandise
Master’s Degree in Politics Master’s in Computing
Master’s in Public Administration Marketable Skills in Economics
Data Relating to Multiple Sclerosis Master of Science in English Linguistics
A Master’s in Urdu Literature in English at the Master’s Level
Bachelor of Science in Zoology

Shah Abdul Latif University MPhil Admissions 2023

Master of Philosophy Degrees Doctorates
– Zoology – Biochemistry
– Mathematics – Chemistry
– Urdu – Archaeology
– Media Studies
– Statistics
– Islamic Studies
– Public Administration
– International Relations
– Political Science
– English Linguistics
– Pakistan Studies
Master of Philosophy Degrees in a Variety of Disciplines:
– English Literature
– Microbiology
– Economics
– Business Administration
– Computer Science
– Botany
– Commerce

Shah Abdul Latif University Language Admissions 2023

Arabic Language Proficiency Documentation Validation of Russian Proficiency
Practice for the Persian Certificate Certificate in Communicative Skills Testing
Professional Competence in Turkish Certificate

Shah Abdul Latif University PhD Admissions 2023

Ph.D. Programs at Shah Abdul Latif University Doctorates
– Archaeology – Botany
– English Linguistics – International Relations
– Biochemistry – Business Administration
– English Literature – Islamic Studies
– Botany – Chemical Science
– International Relations – Business Management
– Business Administration – Mathematics
– Islamic Studies – Computer Science
– Chemical Science – Microbiology
– Business Management – Dr. (Ph.D.) in Economics
– Mathematics – Dr. (Ph.D) in Statistics
– Computer Science – A Ph.D. in Politics, an M.A. in Urdu, and a Ph.D.
– Microbiology – Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology

SALU Entry Test Date 2023 Check

Aspiring freshmen to Shah Abdul Latif University should mark their calendars now for the SALU Entry Test Date 2023. On this day, prospective students can show the university’s admissions board their level of academic preparedness and promise.

Because of the significance of this date in the university’s admissions process, prospective students should make every effort to study for and perform well on the entry exam. Finding out when the SALU Entry Test will be administered in 2023 allows prospective students to better organize their preparation for the exam and ensures they give their best performance. Those who are able to do well on the admissions exam are given the chance to continue their education at this prestigious university. Don’t put off until tomorrow what could be the defining moment of your academic career.

Shah Abdul Latif University Contact Number/ Adress

Contact Information
Phone Numbers +92-243-9280051-54
Fax (Fax)
Address National Highway, Khairpur

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  • When does the online application deadline for Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur in 2023 close?

Each program at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur has its own deadline for online applications in 2023. The best place to find out when applications are due is on the university’s website or admissions portal.

  • What are the steps I need to take to apply to Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur for the 2023 school year?

Visit the admissions page on the official Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur website to submit your application for the 2023 school year. To apply online, please refer to the application procedures.

  • What forms of identification are needed to apply for admission to Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur online?

Document requirements can change from one program to the next. Academic transcripts, a CNIC/B-Form, a recent photo, and possibly other program-specific documents will be required. A full list should be available on the university’s application website.

  • In 2023, can I apply to Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur online?

When it comes to applying for admission to Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur in 2023, the answer is yes. The application process is handled entirely online.

  • Do you have to pay to apply to Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur in 2023? 5.

To apply to Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur in 2023, you will need to pay the standard application cost. The specific cost and how to pay it are both listed on the school’s website.

  • How do I get in touch with the school if I have questions or need help with my application?

For more information, call +92-243-9280051-54 or +92-243-9280060 to get in touch with Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. Another option is to contact us by email at

  • Seven, where precisely in Khairpur is Shah Abdul Latif University stand?

Khairpur, Pakistan is home to Shah Abdul Latif University, which can be found right off of the main road. The official website of the school contains complete directions and maps.


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