PMA Long Course 153 Registration Date 2023

PMA Long Course 153 Registration Date 2023 check from our website. Kakul, Abbottabad is home to the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), a renowned military institution. Its mission is to educate future officers for the Pakistani military. There is a 4-year programme at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) that graduates students as second lieutenants in the Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army declared commissioned officer PMA Long Course Online Registration 2023. Join Pakistan Army as 17-grad 2nd Lieutenants through PMA Long course. This course is offered twice a year by Pakistan Army. PMA extended course series include 152, 153, and others.Here’s how to join the Pakistan Army as an officer through PMA. Read the whole article for PMA extended course joining and test prep tips.PMA 153 Long Course Registration begins 2 October 2023 and ends 1 November 2023.

PMA Long Course 153 registration date 2023

If you’re looking to start a successful career in the Pakistan Military, be sure to register for PMA Long Course 153 by the end of 2023. This pivotal moment ushers in a thrilling new chapter of selfless service and commitment. Listen closely to the official announcements so that you can plan ahead and reserve your spot. Do not let this wonderful chance to join the prestigious PMA pass you by. Take the first step towards an honourable military career in 2023 by registering on time.

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Event Date
PMA Long Course 153 Registration Start Date 2nd October 2023
PMA Long Course 153 Registration End Date 1st November 2023
Preliminary Test Start Date 3rd November 2023
Preliminary Test End Date 2nd January 2024

Enhance Your PMA Initial Test Readiness:

  • Access the PMA Initial Test Preparation Book
  • Obtain the PMA Initial Test Preparation Notes

PMA Long Course 153 Joining Procedure 2023

In order to become an officer in the Pakistani Armed Forces, young men and women must go through the following procedures. Intense PMA Training Here are the ensuing steps for joining.

PMA Long Course 153 Registration Date 2023

PMA Long Course 153 Registration Date 2023

Application Process First Exam ISSB Medical Results Final Selection List
Seventy percent of Top Picks eventually got hired (assuming their names made it onto the Final Merit List).

PMA Long Course 153 Eligibility criteria

The following are the requirements to enrol in PMA Long Course 153:

  • Male Pakistani nationality.
  • Age requirements are between 16 and 6 months and 22 years old as of 01 July 2023.
  • Minimum of 60 percent on the standardized test required for admission to university.
  • In good mental and physical health.
  • Pass the PMA’s entry exam (the PET).

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Selection Procedure For PMA Long 153 Course

In order to be considered for the ISSB exam, a candidate must first complete six preliminary stages at AS & RS.

You can register either online or at AS & RC. To Sign Up for Our Online Newsletter, Visit

  • The first written/intelligence exam for the PMA extended course.
  • First Medical Checkup
  • Examine Your Body for the PMA Long Course
  • First Meeting at AS & RC Interview
  • ISSB Filling up Forms and Submitting Them to AS &RC

Documents Required PMA Long Course 153

The following are required upon arrival: AS and RC.

  • The Matriculation Original Result Card and any other original certifications must be presented.
  • If you’re 18 or older, you’re eligible for a CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). Candidates under the age of 18 must submit a Computerized “B” along with a copy of a parent’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Only one set of certified copies is needed.
  • The Principal, Class-1 Gazetted Officer must authenticate the front and back of each of the three passport-sized, color photographs.
  • Candidates who are applying for a second time around must submit both the original and a photocopy of the ISSB.

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1. What is PMA Long Course 153 Signup?

PMA Long Course 153 Registration is the first step to joining the 153rd Pakistan Military Academy cohort. Enlisting for military training.
2. When does 2023 PMA Long Course 153 registration begin?

PMA Long Course 153 registration begins October 2, 2023.
3. What is the 2023 PMA Long Course 153 registration deadline?

PMA Long Course 153 registration ends on November 1, 2023. Registration must be completed by this date.

4. How do I enrol in PMA Long Course 153?

The PMA Long Course 153 registration process usually requires online document submission. The PMA website has full instructions.
5. What are PMA Long Course 153’s requirements?

Pakistani citizenship, specific educational credentials, age requirements, and physical fitness and medical examinations are usually required. Visit PMA’s criteria for information.
6. Does PMA Long Course 153 include a pre-test?

The test is preliminary. The PMA Long Course 153 Preliminary Test runs from November 3, 2023, to January 2, 2024.
7. How to prepare for PMA Long Course 153 preliminary test?

The PMA Initial Test Preparation Book and Notes help you prepare for the preliminary test.
8. Can I register for PMA Long Course 153 after the deadline?

Unfortunately, missing the registration deadline may disqualify you from PMA Long Course 153. Follow deadlines and requirements.
9. Where can I learn more about PMA Long Course 153 Registration?

Visit the Pakistan Military Academy website or contact them for details, updates, and requirements.
10. Why join PMA Long Course 153?

Joining PMA Long Course 153 is a chance to start a distinguished military career serving Pakistan. It fosters military leadership and personal growth.

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