NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 26th Exam Schedule Download

NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 26th Exam Schedule Download check from our website. On January 4, 2024, the official website www.nts.org.pk issued the NTS Roll No. Slip for the Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 exams. January 6 and 7, 2024, is when the Pharmacy Technician 26th (First Year) Exam is scheduled to take place. The website offers a download for the roll number slip.

The PPC Pharmacy Technician, a mid-level healthcare worker, assists Punjab, Pakistan’s governing body for pharmacy professionals, in administering exams. Anatomical and physiological papers (January 6) and biochemistry and pharmacognosy (January 7) are on the exam schedule. Extensive guidelines are supplied regarding the retrieval of the NTS Roll No Slip, stressing the significance of precise personal data input for the creation of the slip.

NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 26th Exam Schedule Download

Today, January 5, 2024, saw the upload of NTS Roll No. Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024. The Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 NTS Roll No. Slip PDF is available for download here. The NTS test for PPC pharmacy technicians will take place on January 6 and 7, 2024. The Punjab Pharmacy Assistant and Technician test date sheet and roll number slip are available for download in PDF format. The Punjab Pharmacy Council’s examination schedule for 2024 is available here for both the regular and additional tests.

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NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 Download PDF

You can now obtain the Punjab Pharmacy Council’s 2024 Roll Number Slip for Pharmacy Technicians and Assistants! The secret to entering the examination room and beginning the journey towards your pharmaceutical aspirations is this highly sought-after document. Don’t wait, whether your goal is to pass the forthcoming annual or supplemental examinations or you’re preparing for the Pharmacy Technician exams on December 30 and 31.

NTS Punjab Pharmacy Council

You can download the list of applicants for the 26th Pharmacy Technician Exam. The list of applicants is available for download for the 26th Pharmacy Technician (PHYSIOLOGY/ANATOMY & BIO-CHEMISTRY) position. The Punjab Pharmacy Council, or PPC for short, is the organization that regulates pharmacists in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

NTS Roll No Slip Pharmacy Assistant

The much anticipated roll number slips for the 2024 Punjab Pharmacy Assistant exams have been made available by the NTS. This crucial document opens the door to the testing facility and moves you one step closer to realizing your dreams of becoming a pharmacist. Take action now! Using the provided link, download your unique roll number slip.

NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 26th Exam Schedule Download

NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 26th Exam Schedule Download

Punjab Pharmacy Council Registration List

  • official website of PPC:

On their website, the PPC has approved a list of institutions offering a range of pharmacy programs. Punjab Pharmacists’ Council.
Downloads for Examinations: https://punjabpharmacycouncil.com. is the PPC website where exam results for various categories, such as technicians and pharmacy assistants, can be downloaded. Although it might not be the entire list of registrants, this provides you an idea of who has recently registered.

  • Personal Confirmation:

Good Standing Letter: Upon request, the PPC will provide a Good Standing Letter or Certificate attesting to a person’s registration. For licensing or employment purposes, this may be useful.
Direct Contact: To find out more about a particular person, get in touch with the Punjab Pharmacy Council (PPC) directly using their phone number or website, https://punjabpharmacycouncil.com/. They might not, however, divulge all information because of privacy worries.

  • Other Resources:

Professional bodies: PPC registrants may be included on membership lists of professional bodies such as the Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA). However, membership or special authorization may be needed to view these lists.

NTS Pharmacy Technician

On January 4, 2024, PPC Pharmacy Technician Roll Number Slip 2024 will be distributed.The Pharmacy Council, or PPC for short, is the Pakistani province of Punjab’s pharmacy professionals’ regulatory authority. Mid-level healthcare workers known as PPC Pharmacy Technicians help licensed pharmacists with a variety of pharmaceutical care-related duties.

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NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 Last Date

The NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024, which was just released on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, is available for download by all applicants in pdf format. The last dates of the PPC Pharmacy Technician NTS exam are January 6 and 7, 2024.

Punjab Pharmacy Council Exam Schedule 2023

You can get the date sheet and roll number slip in PDF format for the Punjab Technician and Pharmacy Assistant exam. The test schedule for the 2024 annual and supplemental exams of the Punjab Pharmacy Council is currently accessible. The Punjab Pharmacy Council’s exam schedule for the regular and supplemental exams in 2024 is available here.

NTS Pharmacy Technician Date Sheet

According to the most recent announcement from the Punjab Pharmacy Council, on January 6th and 7th, 2024, on Saturday and Sunday, the 26th (First Year) Pharmacy Technician Examination (Annual) 2024 Session 2021-2023 and 2022-2024 would take place.

The Punjab Pharmacy Council website offers a download for the official date sheet.

  • The website of the Punjab Pharmacy Council
  • The National Testing Service (NTS) will administer the tests at several exam centers. On the roll number slips, the exam centers will be announced.
  • Check the exam center thoroughly, and make sure you have downloaded your roll number slip.

NTS Pharmacy Result

An important news item for prospective pharmacists who took the National Testing Service (NTS) exam is the NTS Pharmacy Result. This result acts as a conclusive gauge of their performance and establishes if they are qualified to pursue additional pharmacy-related academic or career goals. Reputable testing company NTS administers demanding exams to determine candidates’ aptitude, knowledge, and abilities in order to determine their potential for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Candidates look forward to the announcement of the NTS pharmacy result since it represents the end of their intensive study and a clear picture of where they stand in the competitive field. Passing the NTS Pharmacy exam can lead to a number of opportunities, including enrollment in respectable pharmacy programs and employment in the pharmaceutical sector.

NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 Check

The official website www.nts.org.pk now has the NTS Roll No Slip Punjab Pharmacy Council 2024 uploaded as of today, January 4, 2024. On January 6 and 7, 2024, is when the Pharmacy Technician 26th (First Year) Exam (Annual) 2023 is set to take place. Downloadable here is the list of candidates for the position of 26th pharmacy technician.

Check File Number Category B Punjab Pharmacy Council, Lahore

You’ve found the Punjab Pharmacy Council in Lahore at the appropriate location. We guarantee that you have access to reliable and current information by providing all the information you require about this particular category in our extensive descriptions. Learn the essential facts, rules, and regulations pertaining to file number category B of the Punjab Pharmacy Council so that you can navigate the regulatory environment with ease. For the most recent information on file number category B from the Punjab Pharmacy Council in Lahore, rely on our specialized resources to keep informed and ahead of the curve in your pursuit of excellence in the pharmacy industry.

How to Download your NTS Roll No Slip 2024

  • Go to www.nts.org.pk, the National Testing Service’s (NTS) official website.
  • Go to the website’s “Projects” or “Latest Projects” section.
  • Seek for the particular project associated with the PPC Pharmacy Technician examination.
  • Click on the project once you’ve located it to view the project details.
  • Examine the project information for the “Roll No Slips” or “Candidate List” part.
  • In order to generate your roll number slip, click the corresponding link.
  • A prompt to enter personal data, like your name, NTS registration number, or CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, will appear.
  • Complete the form by accurately entering the relevant information.
  • The NTS Roll No Slip for your PPC Pharmacy Technician will be generated and shown on the screen.
  • For future use, download and print the roll number slip.

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