National Research and Development Council Jobs 2024 Apply Online

National Research and Development Council Jobs 2024 Apply online from our website Discover a wealth of job opportunities in Peshawar and across Pakistan in one comprehensive resource. This content compiles job openings from newspapers and online portals, covering various industries including research, business development, banking, and government.

Whether you have a specific educational background or a diverse skill set, there’s something for everyone. According to the current situation and keeping in mind this period of inflation, it is a very golden opportunity and a very good chance for those who are unemployed and want to get a job. Don’t miss out on your dream job refer to this regularly updated resource for the latest job listings. Apply now to start down the path to success!

National Research and Development Council Jobs 2024 Apply Online

Looking for job opportunities in 2023? The National Research and Development Council (NRDC) has a range of positions available, including Assistant Monitoring Officer, Documents Controller, Communication Assistant, and more. With over 2000 positions in total, this is a great chance to gain valuable experience and expand your horizons.

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National Research and Development Council Jobs 2024 in Pakistan Online Apply

Exciting career opportunities in research and development await at the National Research and Development Council (NRDC) in Pakistan. Apply online now for job openings in 2024 and become part of a prestigious platform shaping the future of research in the country. Don’t miss out on this chance to join a dynamic team and take your career to new heights. Visit the NRDC website for more information and to apply online. Explore our educational content to learn about our initiatives and achievements.

National Research and Development Council Jobs 2024 Apply Online

National Research and Development Council Jobs 2023 Apply Online


National Research and Development Council Pakistan

The National Research and Development Council (NRDC) is a powerful organization in Pakistan that drives innovation and promotes scientific research. Its main objective is to foster a research-focused culture and shape the country’s technological landscape. NRDC supports cutting-edge projects and encourages collaboration among scientists and researchers, with a strong commitment to scientific excellence. By addressing current challenges and driving progress, NRDC plays a vital role in fueling innovation and propelling Pakistan towards a knowledge-based economy. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, NRDC makes significant contributions to research and development in diverse disciplines across the nation.

Name of Vacancies :

  • Officer in Charge of Monitoring Assistant (411)
  • Controller of Documents (06),
  • Assistant in Communications (02)
  • Assistant to the Accounts (07)
  • Research Associate (72)
  • Computer Operator (21)
  • Support Coordinator (309)
  • Security Guard (29)
  • Data Entry Operator (1700)
  • Driver (34)
  • Office Boy (41)
  • Office Helper (29).
  • LDC (04)

NRDS Jobs Update Details

Updated on December 25, 2024
Department National Research and Development Council
Education Bachelor’s, Graduate
Type of Employment Full-Time
Area Pakistan
Location Pakistan
Where Pakistan
Type of Government
Last Day January 15, 2024
Post Count 2665

How to Apply on National Research & Development Council (NRDC) Jobs

Applying for a job at NRDC requires careful attention to detail and following their specific application instructions. We’ve simplified the process for you with this comprehensive guide. If you want to apply for National Research and Development Council (NRDC) jobs, then some steps are given below, with details to follow step by step.

1. Find the Job Advertisement:

  • Visit the NRDC website.
  • Go to the CAREERS page by entering this URL:
  • Check out the vacancy page by visiting:
  • Look through both pages for the job advertisement you’re interested in.

2. Understand the Application Method:

  • Some openings offer online applications. Simply register or login to their website and fill out the provided form.
  • For other openings, download the application form from their website or request it via email. Fill it out manually and send it back via email or registered post.
  • Occasionally, a combination of online and offline methods may be needed. Fill out the online form according to the instructions, and also send any required physical documents via email or registered post.

3. Read the Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents:

  • Ensure You Meet Qualifications and Experience Requirements.
  • Prepare Required Documents: Resume, Cover Letter, Certificates.

4. Craft a Compelling Cover Letter:

  • Highlight your most relevant skills and experience that match the job description.
  • Show your genuine interest in the position and illustrate how your contributions can benefit NRDC.
  • Customize each cover letter for every job you apply to, demonstrating your understanding of the role and NRDC’s mission.

5. Submit your Application:

  • Increase the success of your application by submitting it before the stated deadline.
  • Late submissions will be rejected. Additionally, thoroughly review and confirm that all required documents are complete and in the correct format.
  • For future reference, save a copy of your application along with any emails that confirm it.

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