Lahore General Election Result 2024 All NA PP

The date of the 2024 Lahore general election is set for February 8th. View the Lahore National Assembly NA 117, NA 118, NA 119, NA 120, NA 121, NA 122, NA 123, NA 124, NA 124, NA 125, NA 126, NA 127, NA 128 NA 129, NA 130 election results here for the year 2024. We have announced the results from every polling location. On February 8, 2024, Pakistan will hold its general election. The official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan will announce the NA 117, NA 118, NA 119, NA 120, NA 121, NA 122, NA 123, NA 124, NA 124, NA 125, NA 126, NA 127, NA 128 NA 129, NA 130, Election Results 2024.

Title Lahore General Election Result 2024
Ditrict Lahore All Districts
Election Date 08 February 2024
Result Click Here
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Lahore General Election Result 2024 All NA PP

Lahore All PP Election Result 2024

Halqa Number Assembly Constituency
PP-145 Punjab Lahore-I
PP-146 Punjab Lahore-II
PP-147 Punjab Lahore-III
PP-148 Punjab Lahore-IV
PP-149 Punjab Lahore-V
PP-150 Punjab Lahore-VI
PP-151 Punjab Lahore-VII
PP-152 Punjab Lahore-VIII
PP-153 Punjab Lahore-IX
PP-154 Punjab Lahore-X
PP-155 Punjab Lahore-XI
PP-156 Punjab Lahore-XII
PP-157 Punjab Lahore-XIII
PP-158 Punjab Lahore-XIV
PP-159 Punjab Lahore-XV
PP-160 Punjab Lahore-XVI
PP-161 Punjab Lahore-XVII
PP-162 Punjab Lahore-XVIII
PP-163 Punjab Lahore-XIX
PP-164 Punjab Lahore-XX
PP-165 Punjab Lahore-XXI
PP-166 Punjab Lahore-XXII
PP-167 Punjab Lahore-XXIII
PP-168 Punjab Lahore-XXIV
PP-169 Punjab Lahore-XXV
PP-170 Punjab Lahore-XXVI
PP-171 Punjab Lahore-XXVII
PP-172 Punjab Lahore-XXVIII
PP-173 Punjab Lahore-XXIX
PP-174 Punjab Lahore-XXX

Lahore Election Result 2024 All NA

Take a look at the whole slate of candidates for the 2024 election, the percentage of the vote for each party or individual, the number of people who voted, the proportion of male to female voters, and the overall number of votes cast. There are a total of two seats for the Lahore District in the National Assembly.

Constituency Election Result
NA-117 Lahore-I Election Result
NA-118 Lahore-II Election Result
NA-119 Lahore-III Election Result
NA-120 Lahore-IV Election Result
NA-121 Lahore-V Election Result
NA-122 Lahore-VI Election Result
NA-123 Lahore-VII Election Result
NA-124 Lahore-VIII Election Result
NA-125 Lahore-IX Election Result
NA-126 Lahore-X Election Result
NA-127 Lahore-XI Election Result
NA-128 Lahore-XII Election Result
NA-129 Lahore-XIII Election Result
NA-130 Lahore-XIV Election Result

How To Check Lahore General Election Result 2024

To check the Lahore General Election Results for 2024, voters can take advantage of several reliable methods provided by election authorities as well as media outlets:

  1. Official Election Commission Website: Visit the official website of the Election Commission, where results are frequently updated as the counting progresses.
  2. Mobile Apps: Download the official app created for election results for real-time updates on your smartphone.
  3. News Channels: Tune into local and national news channels that offer comprehensive coverage and live updates of the election results.
  4. Social Media: Follow official Election Commission accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook for timely updates.
  5. Local Newspaper Websites: Check the online versions of local newspapers which often provide detailed analysis and updates of the results.
  6. SMS Services: Some regions may offer SMS services where you can send your polling station code and receive the latest vote count for your constituency.

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