Kings College of Health Sciences Admission 2024 Last Date, Fee Structure

Kings College of Health Sciences Admission 2024 Last Date, Fee Structure Check from our Website The Sahiwal and Bahawalpur locations of Kings College of Health Sciences are now accepting applications for the academic year 2024. The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan acknowledges them for their high standards of education in allied health sciences.

Students in Category B can enroll in a Pharmacy Technician program that culminates in certification and work options in pharmacies and hospitals around the world. In addition, Kings College accepts students into highly regarded doctoral programs in both nutrition and physical therapy. Eligibility requirements for DPT include a minimum score of 60% on the FSc Pre Medical test, whereas DND requires a passing score on the MCAT. The college has an impressive reputation of academic success, and its several locations are listed below for your convenience. Watch out for phony institutions posing as Kings College.

Kings College of Health Sciences Admission 2024 Last Date, Fee Structure

The application deadline for Kings College of Health Sciences 2024 is fast approaching, so prospective students should keep that in mind. Pharmacy Technician training, Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics degrees, and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees are just some of the options available at this school. Submissions must be received by the due dates in order to be considered. In addition, one must be familiar with the pricing structure in order to budget for their education. Candidates interested in enrolling at the prestigious Kings College of Health Sciences should keep up of the admissions process and prepare a strong application in order to increase their chances of being accepted.

Kings College of Health Sciences Admission 2024

There are ties between UVAS Lahore and GCUF Faisalabad, where Kings College of Health Sciences also has a presence. Both the D.N.D. in nutrition and dietetics and the D.P.T. in physical therapy are available at Kings College. This is the fourth intake for college students. Both of these courses last for a full five years. College students are scoring a perfect 100% on all of their exams across all majors.

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Kings College of Health Sciences Admission 2024 Last Date

The application deadline for Kings College Health Sciences in 2024 is specified. Applicants need to know the application deadline to ensure they are eligible for and accepted into the program. If you miss the deadline, your schooling and career prospects may suffer. Because of the competitive admissions process and limited enrollment at Kings College of Health Sciences, prospective students should keep up with the latest information and submit their applications as soon as possible.

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Kings College of Health Sciences Admission 2024 Fee Structure

Candidates are responsible for researching the fee structures of both public and private colleges to acquire a sense of the fee range for the DPT program. In the table below, we’ve included details about the DPT costs at a few different schools.

University Fee
Government University College 87,000
The College of Medicine and Health Sciences at Liaquat University 100,000
Health Studies at Dow University 103,000
The Mio Hospital and King Edward Medical School 54,000
The Medical College of Khyber 80,000
Balochistan Academic Institution 21,120
College of Sargodha 74,220
Faisalabad University 196,000
Israeli Medical School/University 250,000
The University of Riphah International 389,596
School of Islamic Studies in Shifa 290,000
We are the University of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto 146,000
Zia Uddin School of Medicine 173,000
University of Excellence 228,000

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How To Apply for Kings College Of Health Sciences Admission 2024 Online

Those who are considering attending Kings College Of Health Sciences, Sahiwal should know that applications are now being accepted. The official advertisement for the alma mater can be found down below, and information on eligibility requirements, how to apply online for admissions, and contact information can be found on the alma mater’s official website.

Contact Number/ Adress

Sahiwal City Campus-Police Lines Road 0301-770330 040-4224416
Sahiwal, Pakpattan Road, Off the Bypass Near Campus; 040-4505456; 0333-6385964
Tel: 062-2740137, 0300-4250138 Address: Bahawalpur Campus-10/BC Road, Near Baghdad Station

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