Join Pakistan Army Lady Cadet Course 2024 Online Apply

Join the Pakistan Army Lady Cadet Course 2024 Online Apply check from our website. In order to give women the chance to become commission officers, the Pakistan Army is accepting applications for the Lady Cadet Course (LCC) 2024. From January 8 to February 2, 2024, online registration will be available. The LCC offers a range of subjects according to desire, and after finishing a brief course, successful candidates can join as captains. The test syllabus and online registration are both part of the application process, which is comprehensive.

By encouraging female candidates to be leaders, physically strong, and possess strategic intellect, the programme seeks to break down barriers based on gender in the military. Women who meet specific health and physical fitness requirements, as well as those who possess M.Phil. or MS degrees, are eligible. Candidates who hold an M.Phil. SM qualification are eligible, and the deadline for online registration is February 2, 2024. Applying is available on the Pakistan Army’s official website for those who are interested.

Join Pakistan Army Lady Cadet Course 2024 Online Apply

The Pakistan Army has released a statement inviting all women to apply for these LCC positions if they wish to become commission officers in the army. The Lady Cadet Course provides a range of subjects to choose from, depending on your interests. If you wish to join the Pakistan Army as a straight captain after finishing a short course, this is your chance. Just remember to apply correctly and according to the directions.

LCC 2024 is only open to female applicants. The Pakistan Army releases statements each year on the PMA Long Course and the Technical Cadet Course.

From January 8, 2024, to February 2, 2024, candidates can register online.

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Lady Cadet Course 2024 Registration

Online registration for PAF Jobs 2024 is currently open at Interested candidates may register online. Candidates with a Matric qualification may apply for these roles.

It should be mentioned that candidates must have their original documents with them and that only online applications will be accepted. It is advisable to apply as soon as possible because of the short application deadline.

Lady Cadet Course Syllabus

The following is the LCC test syllabus.

  • Verbal Intelligence Test: (20 to 35 minutes, 80–90 multiple-choice questions)
  • Test of Nonverbal Intelligence: (80–90 multiple-choice questions in 20–35 minutes)

Test of Academic Writing: 50 MCQs (20–30 Minutes)
enrol in the Pakistan Army’s Lady Cadet Program As previously noted, the test syllabus consists of three parts. The verbal intelligence test comes first, and if the candidate passes it, they will see a button on the computer screen that says “START NEXT TEST.” After passing the non-verbal intelligence test, the last section of the academic test will begin.

LCC Pak Army Salary

  • Pay for employees of the Pakistan Army who work for the private enterprise LCC Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.: In this case, their salary would be based on several factors, such as their role inside LCC Pakistan, their rank, and their army experience. It wouldn’t have anything to do with their military service.
  • Pay for Pakistan Army cadets and commissioned officers who enrolled through the Long Course (LCC) programme: If you’re interested, I can tell you how much the Pakistan Army pays LCC grads on average, including basic pay, allowances, and benefits according to their rank and years of service.

Pak Army Online Apply

  • Please visit the official website of the Pakistan Army.
  • Please finish the application first and foremost. There will be an email sent to the address with the exam date and time.
  • You will pay the prospectus fee during the preliminary exam, so please bring all necessary documentation with you.
  • Computers will be used for testing and registration.
  • By bringing the required paperwork to the closest AS and RC centre, candidates may also apply for registration.
  • We shall promptly pay the prospectus charge.

Lady Cadet Course After FSC

Once FSC is completed, the Lady Cadet Course provides access to a prestigious and influential military career. With the help of this unique programme, young women can become members of the prestigious military services, where they will receive extensive training and develop the skills necessary to serve their nation honourably and dedicatedly. In order to prepare prospective cadets for a variety of tasks within the military, the Lady Cadet Course after FSC aims to develop leadership abilities, physical fitness, and strategic intelligence.

By breaking down barriers between genders and creating a path of excellence in a field that has historically been dominated by men, aspirant female candidates who possess a disciplined mindset, a strong desire for adventure, and a dedication to national duty can take advantage of this special opportunity to actively contribute to the defence forces. After First Steps Combined, enrol in the Lady Cadet Course to begin a demanding but rewarding road towards a meaningful and noteworthy military career.

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Lady Cadet Course, Pak Army 2024

The Pakistan Army declared that Lady Cadet Course LCC admission in 2024 will allow her to become a captain in the army. Through the Direct Short Service Commission, female candidates can enlist in the Pakistan Army for staff or instructional positions (DSSC).

Lady Cadet Course 23

Become a Lady Cadet Course 23 graduate and set out on a life-changing path to a fulfilling career in the military. Our extensive training programme is intended to provide future female leaders with the abilities and know-how required to succeed in the armed forces. Lady Cadet Course 23 will develop you into a competent and self-assured officer through a combination of demanding physical training, strategic study, and practical experiences. Become a part of a group of women who share your commitment to leadership, service, and personal development.

Lady Cadet Course Eligibility Criteria

The requirements to join the Pakistan Army through the Lady Cadet Course are as follows:

  • The only people who can register are women.
  • M.Phil. and MS degrees will be given precedence.
  • There was only one Second Division, or Grade C, and no Third Division, or Grade D, for the course of the academic career.
  • Candidates must be graduates of institutions recognised by HEC/PEC.
  • Privately educated candidates are not eligible.
  • Foreign national candidates are invited to apply. They have to renounce their foreign nationality after being selected.
  • The required minimum height is 15 cm (5 feet, 15 inches).
  • An applicant must meet the minimum requirements in terms of health and physical fitness.
  • A minimum GPA requirement of 60% annually, or 2.5 on a scale of 4,.

Lady Cadet Course Last Date

The last date of the Lady Cadet course is February 2, 2024, for its online registration form, starting on April 13.

Lady Cadet Course Qualification

Candidates with an M.Phil. SM can apply for the Lady Cadet Course.

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