GC University Lahore Admission Last Date 2024 for bs programs

GC University Lahore Admission Last Date 2024 for bs program is not far away. GC University Lahore has announced that the admission deadline for 2024 BS programs is fast approaching, and prospective students are encouraged to visit the official website www.gcu.edu.pk to start the online admission process. is given Interested applicants can easily access the GCU Admission Portal for detailed information about GC University Lahore’s BS programs and fee structure. To ensure a smooth admission procedure, keeping in mind the GC University Lahore admission deadline 2024 and verifying all details through GCU Lahore login for any personal admission queries. , it is very important to complete the application process before the last date.

GC University Lahore Admission Last Date 2024 for bs programs

The latest undergraduate and postgraduate admissions for 2024 at GC University Lahore are currently accepting applications. According to the official announcement, admission to different programs at GC University Lahore will be granted solely based on merit, adhering to the university’s rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. All admissions will be determined strictly on the basis of overall marks and interviews. If you’re interested in pursuing your education at GC University Lahore, don’t hesitate to apply now and commence a transformative academic journey. For the most up-to-date admission notifications for medical, engineering, business, law universities, and colleges, as well as the application deadline, please visit this platform.

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GC University Lahore Admission Last Date

The deadline for applying for admission to GC University Lahore in 2024 has been extended until September 15 2024. This is your chance to become a part of a renowned educational experience at one of Lahore’s prestigious institutions. Ensure your future by completing and submitting your application before the specified deadline.


GC University Lahore Online Admission Portal

The Grand Canyon University (GCU) admissions portal is a simplified web-based application procedure created to help potential students apply with ease. With the help of this intuitive interface, candidates can manage their application materials, submit their academic transcripts, establish a personalized account, and monitor the admissions process in real time. In order to give candidates access to all the materials they need, the portal also contains crucial information on deadlines, financial aid options, and degree programs.

GC University Lahore Admission Last Date 2024 for bs programs

GCU Lahore Application Form Download

For aspiring students interested in applying to GCU Lahore, the “GCU Lahore Application Form Download” offers a convenient solution just a click away. This user-friendly feature streamlines the application procedure, ensuring accessibility for all applicants. Whether your goal is to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate programs, this download grants swift access to the required forms, facilitating the commencement of your academic journey with efficiency. By utilizing this handy download option, you can stay informed about GCU Lahore’s latest application prerequisites and deadlines, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free application experience. Seize the opportunity to become part of one of Lahore’s esteemed institutions—initiate your application process today through the GCU Lahore Application Form Download.

www.gcu.edu.pk Online Admission

A simplified online admissions procedure is provided by Grand Canyon University to individuals who want to further their studies. Just go to the admissions area of the university’s website to apply. Prospective students can register here, fill out the application, and send in the required paperwork from the comfort of their own homes, all at their own pace.

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GC University Lahore Fee Structure 2024

Degree Program Fee Structure
F.A Arts (Humanities) Rs. 107,160/-
FSc (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering) Rs. 127,890/-
ICom (Commerce Subjects) Rs. 127,890/-
ICS (Computer Science) Rs. 127,890/-
MS Programs Rs. 305,500/-
BA (Hons) Rs. 236,680/-
BSc Rs. 253,700/-
BBA (Hons) Rs. 543,200/-
BSCS (Hons) Rs. 543,200/-
MSc Rs. 187,500/-
Mphil Rs. 220,700/-
PhD Rs. 182,000/-
MBA Rs. 512,500/-

Please note that these are the 2024 fee structures for degree programs at Government College University (GCU) Lahore.

GC University Lahore Bs Programs

Numerous Bachelor of Science (BS) programs covering a wide range of subjects like the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities are offered at GC University Lahore. These courses are made to provide students with a thorough education that is demanding and flexible enough to fit their desired job routes. GC University offers an environment that is favorable to studying biotechnology, computer science, or psychology under the direction of distinguished faculty members, regardless of one’s love for these fields of study.

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