FMDC Merit List 2024 Entry Test MBBS BDS Download Online

FMDC Merit List 2024 Entry Test MBBS BDS Download Online check our website. FMDC Merit List 2024 release date for MBBS program is highly anticipated for medical aspirants. Once published, the merit list PDF will be available for download, offering an easy and searchable format for candidates to check their rank. As admission in medical colleges is becoming increasingly competitive, applicants are advised to monitor the FMDC Merit List 2024 date so that they can quickly ascertain their eligibility for admission.

FMDC Merit List 2024 Entry Test MBBS BDS Download Online

Competitors can acquire NTS MDCAT passage test 2024 answer keys from this page, from which you can examine your outcome before the end-product declaration. In addition, we’ve included a real-deal mini-computer here so you can easily calculate your grand total. The MBBS merit list for 2024 has been reported by the Pakistan Medical Council PMC. Only one hundred seats are available for FMDC Islamabad. The 2024 FM and Dental College Merit List

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FMDC Entry Test Result 2024 

Admissions finalists are required to submit payment in full before the deadline. Already, SZABMU has authorized bank outlets where you can deposit your fees. After your tuition is paid, the relevant university will confirm your admission. The interview is a hurdle you must overcome. There will be a cost associated with being late. To make things simpler for applicants, SZABMU now takes payments via the internet. If you want to check the deadline for the Anti-Test, then check its official website.

FMDC Entry Test Result 2024 Merit List MBBS BDS Date Check

At Federal Medical and Dental College, 100 students can enroll in the MBBS program each year. FMDC is Pakistan’s most prestigious public medical university. We’ve covered the FMDC’s first, second, third, and fourth merit lists. FMDC’s official merit list will be unveiled soon. Federal Medical & Dental College has a looming deadline for applications for the 2024–24 school year. The Federal Medical and Dental College MBBS application deadline is coming up soon. To increase your chances of getting hired, submit an application right away.

FMDC Merit List 2024 Entry Test MBBS BDS Download Online

FMDC Merit List BDS Check

  • 92.27424% Open Merit
  • AJK = 92.98485%
  • 89.65455 % Balochistan
  • FATA = 89.84848%
  • Federal ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory) = 91.50556%
  • 91.56061% Gilgit Baltistan
  • What is KPK in terms of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?
  • PUNJABI = 91.48636 %
  • R=85,51524 in Sindhi
  • Pakistani U = 84.31472%
  • FGE = 91.20455% If You Work For The Fed

Important: 10th Merit List 2024

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FMDC Merit List 2024 MBBS Check

Many qualified individuals will submit their applications. All of the applications for admission are now being reviewed by the institution. The medical and dental schools at both PMC and UHS are well regarded. If you want to check the merit list of Federal Medical Dentist College then we will inform you about it very  soon.

FMDC Fee Structure for MBBS BDS 2024

Delve into the intricacies of FMDC’s fee structure for MBBS 2024 and obtain a full understanding of the expenditures associated with your medical education. You can get a comprehensive idea of the financial commitment ahead thanks to our guide, which details the costs associated with Open Merit, Quota Seats, and more. Learn more about the payment plans and any other fees that may apply so that you can confidently plan your academic path. In order to make educated judgements regarding your future educational investment, you should look into the FMDC Fee Structure for MBBS 2024 right away.

MBBS Closing merit in 2024

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

  • 94.03788% Open Merit 94.33182% AJK
  • 89.09545% Balochistan
  • FATA = 89.63636%
  • 93.08788% = Gilgit Baltistan
  • KPK = 91.23636% of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Equating 92.21364% with Information and Communication Technology in Punjab
  • R = 87.60758 in Sindhi
  • 91.92879% FGE = Federal Government Employee

Take note: Eleventh Merit List, 2024

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