ENC Online Registration Portal Electricity New Connection System Login Online

ENC Online Registration Portal Electricity New Connection System Login Online check from our website. The Electricity New Connection System Online Apply (ENC) platform till 15 January2024 is a free online tool provided by the government of Pakistan to allow citizens to apply for new electricity connections.

Through this new online system, customers of the Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) can apply for a new power meter without ever having to set foot inside a WAPDA office. Online applications can be submitted at www.enc.com.pk, and those who do so will be issued a Meter Tracking ID. Wapda’s agent must set up the new meter within 30 days of signing up online. Customers are urged to report problems to higher authorities without resorting to bribery.


ENC Online Registration Portal Electricity New Connection System Login Online

Those interested in signing up for the Electricity New Connection System can do so using the convenient and user-friendly ENC Online Registration Portal. Logging in and submitting an application for new power connections online is simplified using this portal. With ENC, applicants may effortlessly navigate the system, eliminating the need for physical visits to offices and streamlining the registration procedure. An important first step toward making it easier for people in Pakistan to get new energy connections through a streamlined online process has been taken with this new initiative.

Electricity New Connection System Online Apply ENC Online Application Apply

Today, a new connection can be obtained with minimal effort. The ENC (Electricity New Connection) team will handle everything else once you’ve submitted your online application form. They’ll take care of your application and set you up with the service you need. Click the button below to continue if you are familiar with submitting the online application form.

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ENC Electricity New Connection System Online Application Form Download

New power connections can be requested online through the user-friendly and cost-free ENC (Power New Connection) system.

The steps are outlined together with visual aids to aid in comprehension. Be sure to do everything by the book when requesting a new connection be installed. It’s crucial to have the necessary paperwork on hand before starting the application form.

  • Applicants’ copy of their CNICs, notarized
  • A certified copy of the witness’s CNIC
  • Evidence of Ownership Paperwork
  • A duplicate of your neighbors’ FESCO electric bill

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