Election Holidays In Pakistan For School 2024 Notification

Election Holidays In Pakistan For School 2024 Notification from Government of Pakistan. Rumor has it that Pakistani schools will observe an extended holiday period in February 2024, due to the upcoming general elections. According to the rumors, schools will be closed from February 4th to February 10th, including a holiday on February 5th for Kashmir Day. The general elections are scheduled for February 8th, 2024, and based on previous actions by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), it is likely that this day will be a public holiday. If true, Pakistanis may enjoy a week-long holiday, given that Kashmir Day falls within this period. However, these are speculations and await official confirmation.


Election Holidays In Pakistan For School 2024 Notification

Social media reports in Pakistan have sparked confusion among students and families by suggesting that schools will observe eight holidays in February 2024 due to the upcoming general elections. These reports propose that schools will be closed on February 4th (Sunday), February 5th for Kashmir Day, and from February 6th to 10th for the elections, resuming on February 12th. However, as of now, these claims remain unverified, with no official notification regarding these holidays issued by federal and provincial governments.

Election Holiday In All Pakistan 2024

As the date for the general elections in Pakistan approaches on February 8, 2024, the topic of turning this significant occasion into a national holiday has become a matter of public discourse. Drawing from the precedent set during the 2018 General Election, when July 25 was declared a public holiday by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), it can be anticipated that February 8 will also be observed as a national holiday. This is a standing Notification set to persist.

List of Eight Holidays For Schools in February 2024 In Pakistan

List of Holidays Events
04 February 2024 Sunday
05 February 2024 Kashmir Day
06 -10 February 2024 General Election
11 February 2024 Sunday
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Election Holidays In Pakistan For School 2024 Notification

Public Holidays in Pakistan 2024 News

As per Article 218 of the Constitution, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has the authority to declare the election day as a public holiday in Pakistan. Given the likelihood of general elections taking place from February 4 to February 8, 2024, it’s anticipated that these days will be marked as public holidays. This scenario would lead to an entire week off for Pakistanis, considering that Kashmir Day falls on February 5th. A precedent for this was set during the previous general election when the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) declared a holiday.

Election Date In Pakistan 2024

Mark your calendars! The upcoming election in Pakistan is scheduled to take place on February 8, 2024. This important event provides citizens with the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights and shape the nation’s future. It’s imperative for every eligible voter to participate and make their voice heard.

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