AL Falah Scholarship Scheme 2023-2024 Online Apply

AL Falah Scholarship Scheme 2023-2024 Online Apply from our website. Facilitated by BISP, the AL Falah Scholarship Scheme is a component of the Ehsaas Program that runs via the 8171 Portal. This scholarship programme is an important way to help students who are struggling financially. It provides support for courses at the intermediate, undergraduate, graduate, and DAE diploma levels, among other academic levels. It’s notable for its pay-it-forward philosophy, which encourages recipients to support a needy student once they’ve finished their studies.

Deserving students are given priority during the selection process based on their academic standing, family income, and number of dependents. In addition to providing immediate help, the Alfalah Scholarship, which is available at several educational levels, also promotes empowerment and a supportive community. The 2024 scholarship program, which covers courses from Intermediate to Professional, places a strong emphasis on financial aid and talent identification. It significantly improves education by creating.

AL Falah Scholarship Scheme 2023-2024 Online Apply

The Al-Falah Scholarship Scheme is a great opportunity for students who face financial issues while studying. Alf Falah Scholarship Scheme is extending its program in various areas, covering all types of students, such as Intermediate Undergraduate Postgraduate and Diploma courses, etc. This institution provides large scholarships and welfare opportunities in each country and in most of the regions it provides so that students who are there can complete their studies. The officials of the AL Falah Scholarship Scheme essentially help each and every one of them by looking at their financial issues, which means that they can depend on the students to whitewash them on everything related to their studies. A. The Executing Body takes three months of the scholarship to complete its final decision.

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AL Falah Scholarship Scheme 2024

Al-Falah Scholarship Scheme invites application day to brilliant and deserving students who have passed with good merit and whose basic need is scholarship. There are some students who are deserving, need students, and want to get a higher education, but their previous marks are 70% and their last gross exam is eligible. Still, 60 percent of the students applying for the scholarship are applying in 2024. But some students who are professionally MBBS, BDS, or BE apply for the scholarship, and their application form is available on the official website of the scholarship.

AL Falah Scholarship Scheme 2023-2024 Online Apply

AL Falah Scholarship Scheme 2023-2024 Online Apply

Al Falah Scholarship Scheme

Al Falah Scholarship Scheme Eligibility Criteria Check

The Al Falah Scholarship Scheme is always open to all candidates. If you want to apply, you will be informed about the criteria according to which you can issue your application.
Educational Levels: Students from every province of Pakistan who are intermediate or undergraduates can apply for the scholarship.
Institute Recognition: The institution must be registered with the authority of the institution.
Academic Performance: Most of the students who get 70 percent marks in matriculation and 60 percent marks on six in entrance, and those who have higher-level marks, are the same, which means they give exams at the university level, which is their last board, and a student’s marks must be between 60 percent and 55 percent to qualify.
Institute Type: A student who is eligible to take admission in a government institution.
Special Cases: All kinds of people can apply for it, including children who are orphans, some who come from earthquake-affected areas, and some unfortunate families.

Al Falah Scholarship Ineligibility

1. PhD, M.Phil., LLM, and Religious and Cultural Studies students
2. Learners from remote learning institutions such as VU and AIOU
3. Learners from opulent institutions

4- Studying overseas

5. Candidates who registered using their own funds

6-Unworthy candidates

7. Applicants who are financially supported by another public or private scholarship program.

Al Falah Documents Required

Photocopy of Self’s CNIC: This includes a copy of your national ID card.

Photocopy of Father: For this, you must have a photocopy of your father’s National ID card as well.

Recent Photograph: Your application is enclosed with a recent passport photocopy from the company.

Photocopy of Current Electricity Bill: It should also be proof that you are a resident of this country, so you must provide a photocopy of your electricity bill.

Photocopy of Father/Mother/Brother/Sister’s: If applicable, the copies of your pension slip book and salary slip must be in the name of your father, mother, brother, or sister.

Photocopy of all previous exams’ results: Photocopies of all previous examinations are attached with them.

Photocopy of fee slip: A copy of the previous semester fee slip must be attached.

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Al Falah Scholarship Scheme 2024 Application Form Check

It’s a golden chance for all the candidates to get the scholarship they deserve. All the candidates should check all the scholarship forms, and those students who have secured 70 percent marks in Matriculation are eligible for the scholarship, and those who have secured 60 percent marks in Inter also have a chance. They can get the scholarship that they have. Those who are eligible to submit the form for the scholarship can submit their form for the scholarship in a very simple way.

Al Falah Scholarship 2023 Application Form

Al Falah Scholarship 2023 Application Form

How to Apply Al Falah Scholarship Scheme 2024 Online?

To apply for the Al Laws Scholarship Scheme, follow these steps:

Online Application:

  • First of all, visit the website of the Al Falah Scholarship Scheme.
  • First of all, visit the website of the Al Falah Scholarship Scheme.
  • Fill the given online application form completely
  • Make sure that the NA field that does not apply is Application.

Image Upload:

  • Upload the image required for the application form, and the image should be in jpg file format with a maximum size of 2 MB.
  • For the best results, follow these steps and reduce the size of your picture.
  • Open the printer
  • resize the picture
  • Save the picture

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