AGA Khan online reports 2024

AGA Khan online reports 2024 check from our website. As a result, the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi has made lab test results easier for patients all over Pakistan to access by putting them online. The private hospital, which opened in 1985 as part of the prestigious Aga Khan Development Network, is famous for its high-quality medical services. Checking test results online is easy and can be done from anywhere, saving people time and money. Aga Khan Hospital makes sure that patients can get reliable and cheap diagnostic services by installing new labs and spreading its facilities across major cities.

The hospital’s lab reports are reliable, and the online method is easy to use. Reports can be seen or downloaded after going to the official website and entering their login information. Being a top medical institution in Pakistan, the hospital’s advanced equipment and reasonable prices show that it is dedicated to providing high-quality care. People can get in touch with questions by calling, emailing, visiting the website, or writing to the address given.

AGA Khan online reports 2024

Check out the Aga Khan lab report online. Get the Aga Khan lab report online. Aga Khan Hospital for the University The most trusted source in Pakistan is clinical labs, which are well known for their work. Aga Khan Hospital Karachi has now set up an online system for checking and getting lab test results. Aga Khan Hospital did this to help their patients all over Pakistan. One of the most famous private hospitals in Pakistan is the Aga Khan Hospital.

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Aga Khan Hospital is the main part of an umbrella network that covers all countries, including Karachi, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and all over the world. Doctors trust the test results of the Aga Khan Lab. The Aga Khan University was built in 1985 as a health facility. We will continue to provide all kinds of information related to Aga Khan Hospital and Laboratory.

AGA Khan online reports 2024

AGA Khan online reports 2024

Aga khan Lab Test Price List 2024

Here’s a table summarizing the prices for the mentioned blood tests at Aga Khan Laboratory:

Test Name Cost (Rs.)
Blood Culture Test 1500
CBC 600
Thyroid Test 2520
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) 1050
Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase 750
pH of Urine 220
Uric Acid 540
Glucose for Fasting 320
Glucose at Random 320
Glucose Tolerance Test 480
CSF Glucose Test 280
ABO Blood Group RH Factor 560
Autopsy 11360
Big Autopsy 3280
Water 320
Width 930
White Blood Count 2650
Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody 1960
PCR Test for Thalassemia 26480
PCR Test for Thalassemia in Blood 15130
Triglyceride 480
Dengue IgM 1760
Dengue Rapid NS1 Antigen 1760
Malaria Parasite 560
Antigens for Malaria 1060

How To Check Reports Online

As we know, nowadays every system and every business is online, and everyone wants to do their work from home. This is the only reason why Aga Khan Laboratory has introduced the facility of checking the report online for its patients.

  • Visit Aga Khan official website at
  • The next step is to enter your ID and password.
  • Then login and check the online report.

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Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates

Aga Khan is the first in laboratories and all kinds of tests and is the most famous in Pakistan. Due to the new technology of Aga Khan Laboratory, it is competitive with all other laboratories in Pakistan. In this article, we will provide you with all the information about the rate list of all the tests at Aga Khan Laboratory so that you can sit at home and get all the information about it. There are three major and advanced technology labs in Pakistan so far.

Aga Khan Laboratory Online Test Report Download

You can check or download the Aga Khan Lab report first by visiting the official website of Aga Khan Lab Hospital: Enter your username and password to sign up. Once you are signed in, you will need to enter your email address. After doing this, you can now receive the online test report from Aga Khan Laboratory. Aga Khan Lab works absolutely free, and their extra charges are known.

Khan Lab Online Report Check Karachi

Aga Khan Hospital is providing lab facilities in all major cities in Pakistan. By following all these easy steps, you can check the Aga Khan report online. Aga Khan Hospital was set up by Sir Aga Khan. In 1983, it was the first private university in Pakistan to be licenced and known around the world. It was in Karachi.

 Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan 2024

People come from far and wide to the Aga Khan Laboratory to get their diagnostic tests done. Aga Khan Hospital has started to have branches all over the country of Pakistan. Aga Khan Test Lab is Pakistan’s largest and most famous medical test laboratory.

How To Check Aga Khan Reports Online

Clicking on the above URL will take users to the Aga Khan University Hospital official website link. First of all, visit its official website,, and check out this Aga Khan Laboratory online report. There are many people who say that we don’t have to check the report; they know how to check the Agha Khan Report, so Agha Khan Laboratory has given them this facility so they can also check it online.

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